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30ml - LIQUA E-Liquid

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Electronic cigarettes have become one of the most popular ways to give up smoking, in part because they are one of the most effective. They give you the same sensation as smoking a cigarette, including the way the smoke hits the back of your throat, and satisfy nicotine cravings at the same time. However, they are legal to use in public places, far safer than traditional cigarettes, and carry no passive smoking risks.

To use your electronic cigarette on an ongoing basis, you will need to purchase electronic cigarette refills. In order to produce the vapour that satisfies cravings, provides the "hit" for your throat, and gives the appearance of traditional smoking, the e-cigarette will need liquid to vaporise. Refills of electronic cigarette liquid will keep your e-cigarette working nicely and provide you with a great "vaping" experience.

Our 30ml electronic cigarette refills come in a range of flavours. If you want to have an experience that is as close as possible to traditional smoking, you can choose from a number of tobacco flavoured blends. However, a wide variety of other choices are open to you. All kinds of fruity flavours are available, along with other popular tastes such as mint, menthol, and a range of beverages. Of course, it is possible to buy multiple flavours and vary the electronic cigarette liquid you use according to your mood.

Our electronic cigarette liquids are also available in a range of nicotine concentrations, depending on what dosage of nicotine you want to take in. This includes liquid that contains no nicotine at all. Nicotine is the addictive component of tobacco, so if you want to wean yourself off of your addiction you can move to a weaker concentration and then, when you are used to it, repeat the process by moving to an even weaker one. Eventually, you could find yourself happy with no nicotine whatsoever.

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